Self Portrait in an Outlaw Amish Barn
"Lonesome Liz is more than just Outalw Country, she's the female Robert Johnson." - Hank Hart, Southern Fried Magazine



video and song adaptation by Lonesome Liz

live in Richmond, video by Ron Thomas Smith

All That Jazz

Every Time We Say Goodbye
a tribute to Cole Porter, 
he's the reason I know how to tap dance...

Original Jazz...

photo by Art 6, Richmond, Va
Here's To You
We're both far away from who and where we were then.
Time one of us said we knew the other when.
Now here I am doin' what I always wanted to.
Guess it should be here's to me but golly gee,
well here's to you.

Nothin' in life's ever like what it was before.
Except that funny feelin' someone might walk through a door.
You and your face are far away from this place, well good for you.
I finely see it's good for me but golly gee,
well here's to you.

Here's to the fun, to all we've said and done
here's to the fightin' too.
Here's to it all, had a ball after all.
So here's to you.

Let's have another round for all I've found to be true.
Let's have one more for all I know's a lie now too.
For all I know, don't or won't, you're what I am most glad I knew.
Here's to everything, every song  I sing, it's here's to you.

It's been a long time, I'm doin' just fine,
hope that's how you're doin' too.
Here's to everything, every song I sing, it's here's to you.

More Jazz Originals...

photo by Art 6, Richmond, Va
Steady Theme

It's a steady theme, lately I can't seem
to find you off my mind but I don't mind.
I'm jealous of the dream of you and I it seems,
we're in a bind but I don't mind.

I'm dazed, dizzy, distressed, delighted.
I don't know what's come over me.
I'm foolish, at a loss, excited,
no tellin' to what degree you've changed me.
I'm all turned around, cant tell up from down,
I'm gone on you, yes it's true.
I'm frightened by the sound of things I've found
you made me do (and I wanted to).

It must be just like flying, the way you've come over me.
Still, there's just no denying, I should know better
do you see what you do to me?

Strange to see my face in it's usual place
in the mornin' time, strange you're not mine.
Nothin' can replace you, I try to trace you
in each line, I've lost my mind.

It's a steady theme, I'm lost, I'm off my beam,
what do you propose? Heaven knows.
I'm jealous of the dream, can you tell me what it means,
how the next part goes in this steady theme?

Good-bye to Everything ...

photo by Wayne Titsworth
I'm gonna just go away.
You obviously don't want me to stay.
Flyin's what it's gonna take for me to get
that you're a habit. And I can't let,
I can't let you be everything.

You see, I understood everything you ever said.
I understood it till my eyes were red.
I understood it till I cried while you,
you, you, you cried for everything.
You cry about everything.

So I'm gonna pack up all of my stuff.
If you don't like it, well that's just tough.
Frankly I have had enough of you,
you, you, you and your everything.
No you're not everything.
Good-bye to everything.

De da de da de da de.
De da de da de da de da de.
De da de da de da de di de do.
Die de die datse diddly diddly die good-bye,
goodbye to everything.
Good-bye to everything.

photo by Wayne Titsworth

live with the Goddamn Gallows, video by Ron Thomas Smith

with Jesco the Dancing Outlaw, video by Ron Thomas Smith

with the Richmond Blues Society, video by Ron Thomas Smith