Self Portrait in an Outlaw Amish Barn
"Lonesome Liz is more than just Outalw Country, she's the female Robert Johnson." - Hank Hart, Southern Fried Magazine



video and song adaptation by Lonesome Liz

live in Richmond, video by Ron Thomas Smith

Muddy Roots and the AMA at Outlaw Magazine

Read about my adventures at both in Outlaw Magazine:

With Kara Clark during the AMA. Photo by Whitney Holmes

Songwriters Night, Billy's Idle Hour, Nashville

I had the opportunity to sit in and play a few several weeks ago with Kara Clark - because I was playing, there unfortunately aren't photos of me but caught some fantastic ones of her


My Ineractive Media Project in Progress, Jesse James and the Generals

photos by Lonesome Liz...

More about Jesse James and the Generals at

Do you hear me Jesse James?
song by Lonesome Liz
rehearsal video by Cathy Pippen

General Hood's March
lyrics by Lonesome Liz
rehearsal video by Cathy Pippen

The Gray Ghost
rehearsal video by Aaron Vegas
Yellowberri Productions

Live in Kentucky

Photos and Video by Wayne Titsworth and Cathy Pippen

Waymore's Blues...
Waylon Jennings tribute

You Drove Me to Drinkin', Now Who's Gonna Drive Me Home?

Rye Whiskey...
adapted by Lonesome Liz

I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs...
Johnny Cash tribute

John Hardy's Hangin' Ground
lyrics by Lonesome Liz

We Agree...
lyrics by Lonesome Liz

Songwriters Round

photos by Wayne Titsworth, video by Cathy Pippen

The Only Me Worth Keepin' You Kept...
lyrics by Lonesome Liz

Wandering William...
lyrics by Lonesome Liz

Wayfairing Stranger

adapted by Lonesome Liz

With Mitch Plumlee and Coloton Steele

photos and video by Wayne Titsworth and Cathy Pippen...

The Weight...
Levon Helm tribute

with Mitchell Plumlee...

Jesse James Outlaw Draw

Jesse James Outlaw Draw

There's a new Mojo Sideshow in progress! Lonesome Liz's Wild West Show, featuring the ghosts of the James/Younger Gang, inspired by local history and centered on James' time in Lost River Cave. 

The first Sideshow, a Southern Gothic 'Faust' with the legend of the Crossroads as it's centerpiece, joined distinctly Southern artists with leaders of the New York scene. They included Molly Crabapple, Wes Freed, Katelan Foisy, myself and others from Achen, Germany to Hazard, Kentucky. The production also featured burlesque, fire juggling, magic tricks, and Outlaw Country by J. B. Beverley and I as well as choreography by Becca Bernard, M.F.A.

I've had input as the songs were written and the existing script revised not only from multiple Grammy Award winning Americana artists but also from Beat Poet Charles Plymell and the grandson of one of the Younger's who rode with Jesse. I'm even more excited about this production than I was the first, especially as I've also had the benefit of hearing local James tales and lore.

Outlaw Magazine will be filming some of the songs from the show in the most authentic setting imaginable, the haunted former hotel/ brothel above Labold and Sons on the square. The place remains virtually unchanged since Jesse James' day. New York artist Jonathan Wagner has joined the production crew and will be drawing from set photos both for the magazine and other promotional purposes.

Join me at Labold and Sons on Tues. to be part of the project! All you have to do is dress up like an Outlaw, (if you haven't already seen, the place is FULL of amazing costumes in the making), and pose for a photo. Everyone who participates will have a copy of Jonathan's drawing of them and will also receive credit in Outlaw Mag, along with links to any of your own music/art etc.

If you'd like to be part of the video too, of course you're welcome! Email me for more details. We're still setting times and can, for photos, work with your schedule. The date here i s tentative, depending on availability/heat/etc.

My painting with Jonathan Wagner:

Photos from the set of the Jesse James/Gray Ghost Videos

by James Neighbors. Taken at Labold and Sons Vintage Boutique and Art Gallery downtown on the square in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Follow them on Twitter, they're amazing!

live with the Goddamn Gallows, video by Ron Thomas Smith

with Jesco the Dancing Outlaw, video by Ron Thomas Smith

with the Richmond Blues Society, video by Ron Thomas Smith