Self Portrait in an Outlaw Amish Barn
"Lonesome Liz is more than just Outalw Country, she's the female Robert Johnson." - Hank Hart, Southern Fried Magazine



video and song adaptation by Lonesome Liz

live in Richmond, video by Ron Thomas Smith

Art Defining Music,Nasville, TN

Art Defining Music
Estel Gallery, Townes Van Zandt by John Langford
I've helped add  Bob Masse's art to the Estel Gallery's exibit of artists who have defined music with their work. Also featuring art by Wes Freed,  Jacob Micah NelsonJohn LangfordCole ClosserBrian Kershisnik and Steve Keene. Their work includes pieces for Bob Dylan, The Doors, The Drive-by Truckers, Willie Nelson, The Dave Matthews Band and Hillbilly Casino.  
Bob Masse art

live with the Goddamn Gallows, video by Ron Thomas Smith

with Jesco the Dancing Outlaw, video by Ron Thomas Smith

with the Richmond Blues Society, video by Ron Thomas Smith